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HEALTHY ALL OVER LTD. is a full-service exercise facility that believes in helping you attain your highest potential through exercise and diet in a peaceful and private studio. We design well-developed exercise programs for your body and support you emotionally as well to help you to maintain your health and personal well-being. Experiencing the joy of movement and learning to listen to your body with daily exercise is one way to overcome many obstacles, both physical and emotionally. Life sometimes can be a challange and our clients receive personal attention and guidance with every detail to reach their fitness goals.

We provide a variety of services according to your specific needs. Some clients need only minor adjustments while others need a more complete in depth program for their overall health and well-being.

Following an initial complimentary consultation, we will devise a program that will work best for you and your specific goals.

Exercise and Fitness Assessment:

An analysis of your current exercise regimen (if any) and a thorough discussion of your dietary history and needs. We detail your specific fitness goals and priorities. We help guide and motivate you into maintaining a daily exercise program. We also provide you with a written exercise program designed especially for you. Scheduled appointments for One on One Training sessions are also available at our private gym or your home.

"Our services offer a variety of packages that will help strengthen your body, educate your mind and develop you into being Healthy All Over"!

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.


Let's Get Strong and Let's Have Fun

Our exercise programs are uniquely designed for but not limited to people with Developmental Disabilities.

Laura Guiliano brings you these energizing workouts to help you strengthen and tone all your muscles. The exercises given are precise in instruction and emphasize the importance in breathing and using proper form. Modifications were made to each exercise for easier understanding to follow along with the group. Only one muscle group is incorporated at a time. This easy-to-follow program uses moves that are safe and effective, whatever your fitness level.

Laura guides you through a stretching warm-up that helps increase elasticity to all your muscles. Together we perform the weight-training segment while sitting on a sturdy armless chair for safety, control and comfort. This segment also will benefit people whose mobility is impaired, helping to increase their strength. The relaxing cool-down concentrates on releasing stress and increasing flexibility. Creating long and lean muscles are our goal. We target all major muscle groups for a well-balanced body workout.

All of the positive benefits of these beneficial programs will increase your energy level and make you feel revitalized while learning this fun and effective exercise program.

So "Let's Get Strong" and "Let's Have Fun" with our daily work-out.

Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.


Laura's passion for the arts has been with her since a child when she began painting at the age of 12. She had taken many oil painting classes in school and was fortunate to have had some private instruction with master painter, Ms. Jane Geiger located in New York. Acrylics and Air Brushing on clothing and wood, Murals, and Encaustic Painting are some of the combined mediums that she has explored. Bringing her creativity to Asheville, N.C., she now is excited to be handpainting on leather handbags and boots.

The combination of her airbrushing skills and the use of oil paints on leather came together naturally, creating a unique and "wearable" piece of Art

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