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Reviews and Endorsements

Review from Dr. Siegfried M. Pueschel,
Director of Child Development Center, Rhode Island Hospital:

Dear Ms. Guiliano:

I wholeheartedly enjoyed the exercise videotapes you had sent to me for review. Persons with Down syndrome surely will benefit from active participation in such well-designed exercise programs that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, these activities, together with appropriate well-balanced nutrition, will avoid increased weight gain and disorders associated with obesity.

Moreover, such exercises will improve the individual's general health, their body image, confidence, social interaction -- and should be lots of fun.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the tapes.

With best regards,

Dr. Siegfried M. Pueschel M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.

Review from Palaestra Magazine,
Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation For Those With Disabilities:

These two instructional, motivational and fun videos are designed for people of all fitness levels or exercise groups to follow in their daily exercise routines. Each video incorporates the same presentation pattern --

  • introduced with important guidelines for users
  • provides precise instruction for safe and effective execution of each exercise, and correct form and proper breathing during each exercise
  • includes a small group (mostly young adults/late teens with Down syndrome) which demonstrates exercises with an enthusiastic leader who provides constant reinforcement and feedback for the group, as well as to the exercising audience
  • and activities take place in a room, not a gymnasium or other special activity facility.

Each video can serve as a complete workout, or individual segments can be used, depending upon a participant's fitness level.

"Let's Have Fun" presents basic exercises for a total body workout, including warm-up, low-impact aerobics with visuals to stimulate one's imagination, a cool-down emphasizing stretching, plus a brief unique freestyle dance segment. Each segment is introduced with a brief statement of its purpose. Julie, a non-disabled student, joins the group as part of an inclusion program.

"Let's Get Strong" deals with weight training, utilizing small hand weights to strengthen and tone one's muscles and to energize the individual. Warm-up helps stretch and increase elasticity of muscles, while focusing on movements relating to the weight training lifts. All basic lifts are done from a seated position in a sturdy armless chair. Activities performed standing are, for the most part, stretching exercises with the chair for support as needed. Cool-down emphasizes stretching to increase flexibility, while releasing any stress. A non-disabled woman is part of the group, representing a peer or caregiver taking part in the program to assist and be with the participant with the disability.

Julian U. Stein, EdD
Associate Editor / Palaestra Magazine
Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Letter from Diane Love, Healthy All Over, Ltd. customer:

Dear Laura,

My daughter Tina (who is 16 years old) has really enjoyed the "Let's Have Fun" video. To make it more motivating, we started a step chart. It has 16 steps (Tina picked that number), and each exercise session is one step. She puts a sticker on the step to indicate it's been completed. At the end of the 16 steps, we pictured her goal. She picked bowling this time. Her next goal is miniature golfing. Thanks so much for helping.


Diane Love
Wayland, Massachusetts

Review from Exceptional Parent Magazine, July 2002:

"Let's Have Fun" is an exercise video program designed for people with disabilities. It starts with a warm-up that stretches all muscles and increases heart rate. An aerobic segment features low-impact exercises with visuals to stimulate the imagination, while a cool-down helps to increase flexibility and return the heart rate to normal. The "Let's Have Fun" video exercise program also includes a freestyle dance segment to increase motivation.

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