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HEALTHY ALL OVER, LTD., is a full-service consulting and design corporation. At HAO, we believe in helping you attain your highest potential through Exercise and Diet in a Natural Eco-friendly Home environment. Combining a well-developed exercise program for your body with “Green” Interior Design for your home is an all- encompassing concept.
An Ecological lifestyle has many different facets that will help you to maintain your health and personal well-being.  Experiencing the joy of movement and learning to listen to your body with daily exercise is one way to overcome many obstacles, both physical and emotional.
HAO is also extremely committed to creating healthy, nurturing and beautiful living environments. Going “Green” is a very important aspect in achieving your over-all health. Some of the components for a healthier lifestyle are: eating natural organic and nutritionally balanced foods, using environmentally safe products and materials, and choosing to purchase better quality Sustainable furnishings for your home.
Our clients receive close personal attention and guidance with every detail of their projects. We firmly believe that by going back to the pure basics of Nature and taking responsibility for ourselves and the future of our planet, we can gracefully achieve true simple elegance, inside and out.
Our services offer a variety of packages that will help educate and develop you into being Healthy All Over!!

 Please contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Day Kellogg Lee
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