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Exercise videos for people with special needs.

Laura's exercise videos for people with developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome, mental retardation and mild cerebral palsy.

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Let's Have Fun

"LET'S HAVE FUN DVD" $30.95 plus S&H
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This exercise program is uniquely designed for people with developmental disabilities.

Laura brings you her creative style for a total body workout, targeting people of every fitness level. During all the exercises, Laura provides precise instruction on proper breathing and correct form. Each easy-to-understand routine concentrates on one muscle group at a time. Laura also introduces Julie, a gymnastics student who joins the group as part of the inclusion program.


  • Laura balances this exercise program with a warm-up to safely stretch all of your muscles and increase your heart rate.

  • The low impact aerobics segment has visual aids to help stimulate your imagination.

  • The cool-down helps increase your flexibility and joint mobility and brings your heart rate back to normal.

  • This uplifting and informative exercise program also includes a freestyle dance segment that is unique and motivating.

This easy-to-follow routine will help you develop a healthier and stronger body, increasing your endurance for everyday activities. "LET'S HAVE FUN" and feel good as you ease into fitness!


Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.


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